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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Volga is one of the leading Helmets Manufacturing Company in India. It is one among the very few organized sectors in the trade. Volga is based in Belgaum, Karnataka & under the Proprietorship of “Mr. Sanjeev Naik” who has nurtured the company and has seen the growth at a very steady pace. 

Volga was incepted in 1984. All the range of products are in compliance with ISI quality standards. Volga has a dealership network spread in 30-40 cities across the country. Some of the major cities are Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Cochin, Mangalore, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, Indore, Pune, Hyderabad etc.
Volga is spearheaded by Mr. Sanjeev Naik who has been the driving force behind the company. He is a self-motivator, and an inspiration to his colleagues. 

The team comprises of experienced and passionate team of resources with focused execution led approach and moral responsibility of incorporating safety norms in each aspect of the helmets. It has been manufacturing fiber glass hand crafted quality helmets and recently started with ABS injection Molded Helmets. The quantity has not been the motto in every stage of production. This quality-based approach has boosted the sales of the products manufactured by Volga. 

Volga auto accessories has its production center at 126,Bharat Nagar 3rd cross , Shahapur Belgaum. High Level of integrity, collaborative approach and commitment in what we do has helped us to become a household name in some cities. Top quality helmets are the result of constant research & and development, innovation in design, hard work of the employees & emphasis on the current trends in this industry. 

In a span of 3 decades Volga has carved a niche for itself. Volga has flaunted association with Fast Track (Unit of Titan) (2011-2014) major corporate which we deal with include but not limited to Raymond’s Zambaiti, Atlas Copco, Arokya Milk, Lucas TVS, Sound Cast, Indo Count, Indian Air force Police, Karnataka District Police etc.

Recently, Flipkart have approached us to manufacture the helmet in their own brand under our license. Volga helmets is among few companies which has upgraded itself to new IS4151 2015 standards



We offer a variety of different helmets to fit every need, and accessories for every helmet we manufacture. Volga helmets range emphasis different models (both in open face & full face design), which are available in Fiber Glass and ABS plastic injection moulded models with a wide array of colors. With our focus, Safety should not be forgone due to a lack of affordability; we chose to keep our quality high and our prices down. Volga products have been certified by IS-4151, (B.I.S).

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